Q. What are memberships?
A. Memberships are an excellent way to be part of the swing community. Swing club members vote each year on the swing club board members parimatch apk download android and help make decisions about the club. Additionally, memberships are a great way to save money!

Q. How much do memberships cost?
Memberships are $45 a year for individuals ($25 for students) and $60 a year for couples. All memberships expire on January 31st of the year following purchase. If you do not enroll at the beginning of the year, your cost will be prorated on a quarterly basis for the remaining months.

Dues Schedule for New Members:

February, March, April – Student $25, Individual $45, Couple $60

May, June, July – Student $18, Individual $33, Couple $45

August, September, October – Student $12, Individual $22, Couple $30

November, December, January – Student $6, Individual $11, Couple $15

Q. How does a membership help me save money?
If an individual member comes to only half the dances they would save $15 after deducting the membership cost from money saved 1xbet app android, if they came to all the dances they would save $75. Members will save even more if they attend workshops, as they will get $15 off every full workshop pass. The SSDC plans to host a minimum of four workshops during 2014. If a member came to each of those workshops they would save an additional $60 on top of the money saved for dances. Add that to the potential savings from dances and you could easily save $135. Couples save even more money, as they are saving for two! A couple will save $60 on dances after their membership dues if they both come to just half the dances, and would save $180 if they came to all the dances. If a couple attends four workshops they would save another $120. This adds up to a potential $300 in savings for couples!

Q. How do I join?
You can enroll at any SSDC dance or event, just ask the person at the front desk. You can also enroll online at PayPal by selecting the correct paypal button below today football prediction tips for your membership.  Please note that a PayPal account is not necessary to make your purchase.

To become a member of the Spokane Swing Dance Club please use the safe and secure option below.

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