In addition to the regular bi-monthly dances, the Spokane Swing Dance Club also offers workshops and mini-workshops throughout the year.  Workshops are planned for both beginner as well as more advanced dancers.  There are lots of people to dance with so don’t stay away just because you don’t have a partner!

Upcoming Events:

Tara Trafzer and Christopher Dumond Workshop February 11th

Hosted by the Spokane Swing Dance Club at the Corbin Activity Center at 827 W Cleveland

Christopher Dumond and Tara Trafzer are one of the newest and most dynamic Classic couples on the West Coast Swing circuit today. In November of 2015, Chris and Tara formed their partnership and debuted their 2015-16 routine, Two Heads, at the US Open Swing Dance Championship making the top twelve finalists in the Classic division. Since the US Open, Chris and Tara have traveled across the United States and Internationally teaching workshops, judging a variety of West Coast Swing competitions, and performing and competing with their Classic routine. Chris and Tara have experienced much success competing with this routine at NASDE events, most notably taking first place in Classic at MADjam and Grand Nationals. In the NASDE Professional tour, Christopher placed second and Tara first for the 2016 season through their accomplishments in the routine, Champions Jack and Jill, and Champion Strictly Swing divisions. At the 2016 US Open, Chris and Tara were excited to debut their new routine, Rise, in Classic finals placing fifth.

Together they have over three decades of dance training in styles including: Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Tap, Hip-Hop, Ballroom, Latin, and West Coast Swing. The majority of their training came from the amazing Schwimmer family, including Buddy, Laurie, Lacey and Benji Schwimmer. The couple’s extensive training in diverse dance styles enhances their ability to reach dancers from all backgrounds. Chris and Tara teach dance locally, hosting “Tear It Up Tuesday,” a West Coast Swing dance in Orange County every Tuesday night, and teach, coach, and train out of Schwimmer’s The Dance Center in Redlands, California. Tara also serves on the coaching team for the competitive Jazz and Contemporary company out of Schwimmers’ TDC.

Chris and Tara are known for their musicality and modern take on West Coast Swing. In addition to teaching, judging, and performing, Chris edits and cuts music for routines as well as DJing for late night social dancing at local events. Over the past year, Tara has been MCing at West Coast Swing events including: City of Angels, Swingin’ New England, Dance N’ Play, and Sea to Sky, to name a few. Because of Chris and Tara’s love, passion, and creativity in the dance, this new partnership proves to be one of the most exciting new couples on the West Coast Swing circuit.


2:00pm Back to the Basics

3:00pm Pretty Patterns

4:00pm Musicality

Dinner break 5:00pm-7:00pm

Social Dance 7:00pm-9:30pm (Dance is $10 or included with the full workshop)
Workshop Prices: Pre-register to reserve your spot in the workshops by using the Paypal link below

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Early Bird Prices Available Until February 7th:

SSDC members $40 for full workshop and dance
Non-SSDC members $55 for full workshop and dance

Cost at the Door:

SSDC Members $50/$20 per class
Non-SSDC Members $65/$25 per class

Private lessons are also available. Privates with Chris or Tara individually are $110. Private lessons with both together are $150. To schedule a private call Tammy Allen at 499-5397.