In addition to the regular bi-monthly dances, the Spokane Swing Dance Club also offers workshops and mini-workshops throughout the year.  Workshops are planned for both beginner as well as more advanced dancers.  There are lots of people to dance with so don’t stay away just because you don’t have a partner!

Upcoming Events:

Workshop with Connor Goodmanson January 11, 2015: Connor Goodmanson started doing gymnastics as soon as he could walk. At the age of 7 Connor began competitive gymnastics with Michael Anthony’s boys team. When Connor was 9 he began capoeira, a mix between music, dance and martial arts, with Darion Brown. At the age of 11, Connor started WCS with Stephanie Krul at Two Left Feet in Danville. He started competing a little while later and has many achievements. Connor has choreographed and danced multiple routines over the years that have placed at the U.S. Open Swing Dance Championships. Connor has been teaching dance for over 6 years. Over the years he has taught private lessons, group class, and workshops. Primarily Connor teaches West Coast Swing, but is skilled in other dances, and teaches them when requested. His love of teaching has inspired many students to continue their dancing and find their own love of dance.

Workshops will be held at the Corbin Center from 3-6pm and there will also be an extra social dance on January 11th from 7-9:30pm.

Early Bird Prices Available Until January 8th:
SSDC members $20 Non-SSDC members $35

Early Bird Prices
Attendee Name(s):

Cost at the Door:
SSDC Members $30/$10 per class
Non-SSDC Members $45/$15 per class

Workshop with Michael Kielbasa, February 22, 2015 Event details coming soon.