In addition to the regular bi-monthly dances, the Spokane Swing Dance Club also offers workshops and mini-workshops throughout the year.  Workshops are planned for both beginner as well as more advanced dancers.  There are lots of people to dance with so don’t stay away just because you don’t have a partner!

Upcoming Events:

Seattle Easter Swing, April 17, 2014-April 20, 2014 - Seattle’s Easter Swing dance Convention is the largest West Coast Swing event in the Pacific Northwest.

You can take workshops and private lessons with top pros, enjoy the advanced workshop track, compete in the many competitions offered, watch the top pros compete, and just enjoy the social dancing.  To purchase your event pass visit the event website.

Seattle’s Easter Swing 2014 Promotional Trailer from Travis Pittman on Vimeo.

Spokane showed up and represented at the last two Northwest Events, Bridgetown Swing and Sea to Sky with three whole tables sold to Spokane (that’s thirty people). Let’s keep up the momentum for this event. Maybe Spokane can have four tables at Easter Swing this year?


Workshops with Andrew Slac June 7th

Event details to be announced soon.


Dance N Play, June 12th-15th in Redmond, Oregon

To purchase your event pass visit the event website at or contact Tammy Allen.