In addition to the regular bi-monthly dances, the Spokane Swing Dance Club also offers workshops and mini-workshops throughout the year.  Workshops are planned for both beginner as well as more advanced dancers.  There are lots of people to dance with so don’t stay away just because you don’t have a partner!

Upcoming Events:
August 19th- All-Star Brandon Gautreaux


Brandon was introduced to west coast swing in 1994 while teaching line dance at a local restaurant and bar in Bakersfield, CA. Once he started dancing West Coast Swing to various genres of music from country to pop, contemporary to hip hop, he was hooked. He attended every event he could manage getting to and took as many private lessons as possible with the top instructors and champion dancers. He is now an All-Star Competitor, Instructor, and Judge active in the West Coast Swing community.

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Note that the classes will be a bit heavier on the technique side so a strong understanding of your core basics is recommended.

Class details-

Connection hide and seek- where does it come from and when/how do you use it? Base class from which the other workshops will be built upon. This class is designed to deepen your understanding of connection to your partner so you can have a more fluid, comfortable experience as well as understand the differences in how you connect and what it means. You won’t want to miss this class.

Filling space- in this dance we move from one side to the other. So HOW we do so becomes the next evolution in our dance. This class discusses how to create and utilize space in our dance both as a lead and a follow.

Rotation and redirection- how can we add contrast in our dance? This class discusses the concepts of redirected and rotational energy use and how it can add more dynamic flavor to our dance.

Workshops start at 3pm and go until 6pm.
6-7pm dinner break
7pm-10 Dance

Early bird prices-

Members- 30$

Day of- 45$ or 15$/class

Early Bird Prices