In addition to the regular bi-monthly dances, the Spokane Swing Dance Club also offers workshops and mini-workshops throughout the year.  Workshops are planned for both beginner as well as more advanced dancers.  There are lots of people to dance with so don’t stay away just because you don’t have a partner!

Upcoming Events:

October 18th- Workshop with Ryan Crutcher

Ryan Crutcher began his dance training and what would become his career at the age of 12, laying a foundation in the world of ballet and modern dance. His solo dance education furthered at a performing arts high school in Los Angeles, where he studied ballet, modern, hip-hop and jazz. Once introduced to the world of partner dancing, particularly Swing, he began to feel his passion truly come into focus. Ryan won 1st place at the US Open Swing Dance Championships 2001 – Young Adult, followed by 2nd in the World Country Championships 2002 – Juniors. Continuously seeking growth in his dance knowledge, Ryan has studied, performed, and taught a variety of partner dances such as West Coast Swing, Ballroom, Latin, and Country. Performing live, teaching, and choreographing, have always been thrilling and a passion for Ryan. Constantly on the lookout for new challenges, Ryan has dedicated himself to becoming a diverse and innovative dancer and choreographer. His love of dance drives his desire to hone his skills as he works to become one of the top instructors and performers in the world. He currently teaches both in the US internationally for West Coast Swing and competes at Champion level.

Video links:
Ryan Crutcher & Virginie Grondin Us Open All Stars 2012
Ryan Crutcher & Courtney Adair – 2013 San Francisco Dance Sensation
Ryan Crutcher & Jessi Rohr Showcase Capital 2015


2:00 Getting Back to Basics - This class will show you how to better communicate throughtout all your steps and the anchor. It will focus on technique and connection.

3:00 Do-Si-DO - Adding circular movements into your dance to change your overall dance aesthetic.

4:00 Shape, Shape, Shape - Rather than dancing all your patterns vertical, this class will show you how to use your body to create different actions.

Note that the cost of the workshops includes the beginner lesson at 6pm and the social dance from 7-10pm. Private lessons are also available. Privates are $85.  To schedule one call Katie Clemons at 509-999-2186.

Early Bird Prices Available Until October 15th

Cost at the Door:
SSDC Members- $35/$12 per class
Non-SSDC Members- $50/$18 per class